We no longer camp

Camping has completely changed for us.  Lifelong tent campers turned vacationers is the best way to explain it.  We have had BB (aka Big B*tch, Big Bertha, Big Bucks... the list goes on) since mid September.  I knew we would use a travel trailer, but had NO clue we would be out every other weekend.  We have logged a total of 5 trips (every other weekend) so far!  It has even lead to discussions of our retirement consisting of being camp hosts!    Anthony says "let's go" and there is no second guessing it.  If he is willing to tow and set up the outside, I have the inside covered.  Our camping weekends no longer consist of making sure we have our tubs packed and organized with plenty of blankets to pack tightly in the bed of the truck.  It has been replaced by checking off the shopping list to refill pantry items or packing clothes.  
   I have found myself checking out and going to bed around 9 pm, yes I am old, because I have a warm bed waiting instead of keeping w…

Reviving the blog

Well, we are coming full circle.  Here we are in California.... 7 years from the original decision to move and we have made the call that it is just not for us.  
So in the summer of 2020, we will return to Virginia.  Rylee will graduate high school and Cruz elementary school, so there's really no better time.  And Ryan?.... he's doing great on his own.  I'm not sure that he will follow yet.  I won't be totally uneasy since we still have family here if he needs support.  It's really sad to think about leaving a kid behind.  
Our journey this year will include getting a travel trailer and "downsizing" to prepare for the move.  I am finding out quickly what does not spark joy (thank you Marie Kondo!).  I'm hoping to puzzle together this house to fit in roughly a 28 foot trailer for a few months.  Let's not forget, we have 3 dogs, including the 100+ lb mutt.
This will be an adventure!

This Is Why We Don't Have Nice Things

Our favorite family saying....this is why we don't have nice things. It seems as though every time we buy something new it's only a matter of time before something is spilled on it, or the dogs chew it, or it breaks.

As Ryan and Rylee are becoming more aware of money and our mixed matched furniture,  they have questioned the lack of fine furniture and decorating in our house compared to others.

This is why we don't have nice things....we traveled as much as we were able to when the kids were young.  I knew that they would remember and enjoy a trip or vacation more than a brand new bedroom set.  By the age of 10 and 7, Rylee and Ryan visited Disney World twice; Cocoa Beach, Florida; Corpus Christi,  Texas; Hershey, Pennsylvania; California multiple times, and too many other states for wrestling to list.

Rylee explained that she always thought kids traveled as much as her.  We traveled so much it that was never a question to try out a new adventure.   I love looking through …

Not Just A Table

On Mother's Day, we tried to expand our dining room table and it officially broke beyond repair.  I knew it was getting weaker and expected it to happen soon.  It was "old" by today's standard of furniture.  For some reason, I can't recall exactly when it was purchased, but I know it was around 14 years ago.

  I left the table (upside-down) in our dining room until just last week.  The thought of throwing it out bothered me.  I would measure and analyze it to see what I could do to make it usable again.  It wasn't until this past week that I recognized the real reason why.

  You see, it is not just a table, it's a piece of furniture full of memories that make up most of our family's life.  It was the first piece of furniture that Anthony and I bought for ourselves.  Not a hand-me-down, not a gift.  I was very particular when choosing our table.  It had to be sturdy, light in color and with clean lines and with a limited budget.  After a few weeks of…

Out of the mouths of babes

We have had kids down for the count for what seems like a month!  Cruz has spent the most time at home.  Fortunately, Anthony is off during the week and I'm off on the weekends, so that leaves us with only 2 days not covered.  Those days home with dad are.....we will call them "different" than with mom.  It's what you would expect - naps, TV watching, video games, and the little crazy stories we hear from time-to-time, like the one at the dinner table last night.

I was half paying attention to what Cruz was saying. I think I was in the middle of a conversation with Anthony.  Then, something odd caught my ear.  He was talking about someone smoking.  This can't be good.  So, I listen.

Cruz proceeds to tell us about watching football on TV while they were supposed to be napping.  "This guy was smoking a taquito".  Whhhhhhat?  At this point, I have NO clue where this one is going.  I'm concerned, upset, curious...........

We begin to analyze the situati…

This kid

Cruz has been sitting on this stump every day he swims. Sometimes as long as 30 minutes. He just sits there and plays with a twig or sings to himself.  He's in his own little world and seems very content.   I watch him in amazement because, to be honest,  I don't have much patience with him lately.  He's become my most active and impatient child.  It's draining and being an unemployed stay - at - home Mom doesn't help.   Ryan burst my bubble this morning.  I was able to watch Cruz from the kitchen window and see his calmness.  Ryan started laughing,  "Mom, do you know why he sits there?  It's because he gets out of the pool and the dirt is too hot on his feet so he waits until he gets enough courage up to walk on it."Seriously? I liked my input better! Lol

Never trust a giggly 5 year old boy

Ugh!  I just can't believe this one happened. For some reason boys and side yards never mix.  I've caught them all (big ones included) peeing there.  Is that like a dog marking is spot? Is always the side yard.  No matter where I've lived. Cruz was running around the backyard with Kaya after he got out of the pool. That's normal.  What isn't normal is the giggling little boy that came around the corner."Cruz, why are you laughing? "He can barely spit this out,  "I went potty outside" (points to dreaded side yard)"Stop there! What did you do?!""Kaya ran in front of me. I peed on her.....just a little.   Not a lot"I called Kaya over, and well,  it's safe to say she got bath tonight. :/Ugh! Boys!